Songs to shut the door

Through the light there is darkness

This EP is a throwback to when I first started writing music for my band in 1999.  While it is a little grungy, it's not entirely a nod to the 90's.  For this project, I included newly recorded versions of three songs I wrote a very long time ago and three new songs in a similar style.  I'm a self-taught player, and I write on bass most of the time.  New songs were written on an out-of-tune acoustic guitar and modified to fit the project.  I wanted to defy the 'rules' of songwriting and see how it would be received.  

With any luck, this will be the first EP of a two-part series.  I'm currently working on music for the second half, aptly titled Songs to Open a Window.  It will be a collection of mostly rock songs that are a little more representative of my current writing style.

When a door closes, open a window.  I hope you enjoy my music.  XO-


Jamie Jones-Rodgers

Bass, Vocals, Synth, producer/writer

Dan Yost

Guitar, Synth, Engineer/producer/Mixing/Mastering

Alex Skander