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I'm not entirely dead, and I'm writing 

Uh, oh.  More words.  I'm currently working on some things for the band in silence.  It's always two steps forward four steps back with me, but I never stop.  Be patient, as my health and life keep trying to prevent me from finishing things.  It's been two years of that cycle, and I'm determined to break it.  I'm just going to have to deal with taking things very slowly, and that's ok.  Thanks for sticking around.  XO-


Songs to Open A Window/Merch 

Writing sessions for the new EP, Songs to Open a Window, will begin January, 2021.  This is the second EP of a two-part collection.  Eventually, we will have vinyl made to include content from both EPs, and that will be a wrap on 'Songs to' do whatever.  It will be a while until any clips or sneak peeks show up on social.  Months... don't wait up.

Throwback band merchandise will be available soon under the store tab of our website.  The merch site is currently under construction, but it's getting closer to going live.  Thank you for your patience and continued support!  XO~